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Posted 11th June 2015
NEW - Smoke Testing Diagnostic Service

JBS are pleased to annouonce our brand new Smoke Test Diagnostic Service.

Hoses, Pipes, Clamps and Gaskets have always been essential in the fault free running of vehicles, and with the continuous development of the internal combustion engine the number of these parts used on a modern engine is quite substantial.

A failed component or even a loose joint can dramatically affect a cars performance, and in extreme cases prevent it from running at all.

This NEW Diagnostic equipment will enable us to pin point and diagnose any potential issues quicker and more accurately in the following areas:

•Air cleaner assembly
•Air ducts
•Air valves
•Cylinder heads
•EGR valve
•Exhaust manifolds
•Exhaust pipes and mufflers
•Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
•Intake gaskets
•Injector o-rings
•Loose clamps
•MAP sensors
•Mass air flow meter
•Oil leaks
•PCV valve and hoses
•Throttle body shaft
•Vacuum hoses
•Vacuum switches
•Wind and water

The charge for this service is £65 + VAT. Call us on 01246 455005 for more information or to book your car in for investigation.