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JBS Research & Development


In 2008 JBS Auto Designs took step towards becoming the first UK based performance tuner to develop their own mass produced turbo kits for the RHD and European specific VAG market.

JBS started JBS Developments, with the plan to take on the big American tuners and provided what they cannot, a direct fit, right hand drive specific tuning package. At the heart of JBS' goal was to produce tuning components to a level of quality, design and finish not currently found in the tuning market.

Taking their knowledge from one off turbo kit designs and many years experience in VAG tuning, JBS Developments set about re-designing the current range of JBS turbo kits.

JBS' new ethos along with fresh thinking from new automotive design engineers, using the latest modelling and simulation technology set them on their way.

With everything designed in house, JBS can produce everything from one off manifold to full turbo kits, boost pipe work to engine mounts, custom fasteners to oil lines .

Another aim of JBS Developments was to, venturing into the world of casting and mass production. With a lot of time going into researching the latest technologies, machining and materials.

JBS Developments now has links with many manufacturers who are used by top end OEM manufacturers and tuners, using the latest in computer aided machining technology.

JBS Developments was not only set up for turbo kits, but to produce a full range of tuning components specific to the RHD market.

Please contact us for further details of our custom parts production.


Forced induction

JBS Auto Designs is well known for its big power turbo kits and OEM upgrades. JBS has teaming up with Custom-Code to provide some of the most complete big power turbo kit tuning packages.

JBS Turbo Kits


Manifold Development

At the heart of all the Turbo Kits is an in house designs performance manifold. Using some of the latest design methods and technology, to produce a manifold that can withstand the high levels of performance expected from the JBS turbo kits.

Design & Development



Just as much effort is put into the manufacturing of all our parts as there is in the design and development stages.

If the parts are not built in house, we use companies we know can meet our high levels of quality and finish. Many of these are used by top end OEM manufacturers and tuners, using the latest in computer aided machining technology.



Custom Parts

Unlike many companies, JBS are happy to manufacture products to your specific and individual requirements. During the fabrication process we like to work closely with our clients to help and advice on tolerances, specifications and the design and of an individual component.

Over the years we have gained vast experience through the research and development of custom prarts. JBS have designed and manufactured items for a multitude of different applications using a wide range of materials and production technics.

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