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JBS ECU Tuning

About JBS ECU Tuning

Many Performance Upgrade Software / Remap / Chip suppliers claim the smoothest and most reliable power gains and the most extensive development.

Offering only Custom calibrated remaps, you can be assured that at JBS you will be getting this.

With counteless hours of testing and development carried out both on the road and on our 4WD Dynomometer, and with our agents worldwide, over the entire VW/Audi Group range with various combinations of hardware. You can feel confident that we have pretty much seen it all. 

Combing this wealth of knowledge and data with the best Programmers, VAG Technicians and a perfection obsessed R&D department means JBS beat the competition hands down.

JBS-Custom Code bespokely calibrated software ensures the best possible solution available in the world today.

Offering software for both naturally aspirated and turbocharged applications, we feel that no VW/Audi Group vehicle is left out, as we are able to give all vehicles real gains in both power and drivability.

At JBS we reflash your ECU using our specialised hardware and software systems, which are contantly updated giving us the ability to offer solutions for the majority of new to the market vehicles where others can't.